Access to Customized Option Strategies

Whether you’re looking to tailor your risk profile or add new sources of income, SRA provides solutions specifically based on your existing portfolio.


Using proprietary technology developed over decades, SRA offers investors the ability to change their risk and income proflile, regardless of their current underlying holidings, without changing portfolios.

Customization & Personalization

Whether your current exposures come from SMAs, funds or legacy holdings, SRA can deliver solutions specific to exisitng client portfolios.

Improving Portfolios of all Shapes and Sizes

With the lowest investment minimums in the industry and no accreditation requirements, SRA provides solutions to investors of all portfolio sizes.

Fiduciary, not Counterparty

Our client’s best interest is our only guiding principle. As a Fiduciary in all of our mandates, we work to minimize costs and deliver the best possible outcomes for clients.

SRA works with you

step by step to identify client goals and risks, then helps to create a custom plan for each situation

Reading in client holdings and tax lots in concert with a dialogue around goals and challenges, SRA begins our analysis phase. Leaning on proprietary technology, we use live market data to assess the opportunity set, then we create custom proposals to help illustrate the benefits and tradeoffs of proposed strategies.

We analyze your portfolio

Portfolio beta, tracking error, tax lots and concentrated exposures all factor into our analysis process to help identify challenges in the portfolio.

We create custom proposals

Using proprietary technology, we’ll create several custom illustrations to help you and your clients understand the benefits and tradeoffs of a range of potental approaches.


Once we’ve created a proposal, we’ll spend all the time needed to help explain our recommendations, what the benefits and tradeoffs are, and discuss the operational steps to implement the strategy.
Find the strategies that are right for your portfolio

SpiderRock Advisors’ Strategy Center is your doorway to technology, information and investments that will help your clients portfolios and your advisory practice thrive.

"Working closely with advisors to understand client goals is what leads our process. From there, the highly scalable technology quickly delivers appropriate solutions customized to the client's holdings and prevailing market conditions."

Eric Metz

Founder, President, Chief Investment Officer

Am I Eligible To Use The Strategy Center?

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Maisie Hughes

Head of Family Office Services

Maisie is responsible for business development and client portfolio management for SpiderRock’s family office clients and prospects. She began her career at Goldman Sachs Asset Management, and since 2006 has worked with institutional clients in a business development capacity in both traditional and alternative asset classes. Prior to joining SRA, Maisie was a Vice President and Business Development Manager at Wellington Management Company in Boston where she worked to broaden the scope and scale of the firm’s engagement with family offices, wealth advisors and private investors. Prior to Wellington, Maisie spent 7 years on the business development team at AQR Capital Management in Greenwich, ending as a Vice President responsible for institutional sales and relationship management in the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic United States as well as Canada.