Option overlays are increasingly becoming part of Advisors’ toolkits, in part out of necessity.  With fixed-income yields near the lowest in generations, and equities well-advanced into a bull market, Advisors need new ways to provide their clients with income, risk-reduction that doesn’t trigger capital gains liabilities, as well as potential new sources of alpha and return.


Potential Benefits of Option Overlay Strategies


Option Premiums may serve as a supplement to income generated from fixed-income yield and stock dividends.

Reduce Risk w/o
A Current Tax Liability

Options can reduce portfolio risk without triggering a capital gain the way that selling equities may.

Historical Source
Of Alpha

Extracting the persistent difference between implied and realized volatility has historically provided an increase in risk-adjusted returns.

Differentiate your practice, while managing the risk of your clients' portfolios with option overlays and SpiderRock Advisors


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Enhanced Portfolio and Targeted Income
Real-time Asset Hedging
Differentiated and Customized Services
Potentially Improved Risk-Adjusted Returns
Customized Reporting