SpiderRock Brings Options Modeling To Advisors

SpiderRock Brings Options Modeling To Advisors

By Eric Metz

Eric Metz, Chief Investment Officer, SpiderRock Advisors, met with Julie Cooling, Founder & CEO, RIA Channel to discuss the firm’s derivatives-based strategies.

SpiderRock, an asset management firm specializing in derivatives, offers a variety of services like options strategies, portfolio positions, and replication of structured notes. Ultimately, “We’re accommodating advisors to solve their problems,” explains Metz on firms that are not yet utilizing options.  SpiderRock aims to systematically de-risk client portfolios, while keeping the process efficient from a tax perspective.

Although derivatives teams are prevalent in the private banking sector, Metz says his tech-enabled, model-format is somewhat rare in the RIA space.

To learn more about SpiderRock’s managed option overlays and strategies, head to SpiderRockAdvisors.com.

Eric Metz, CFA, is the President and CIO of SpiderRock Advisors.